Time to Get Souped Up!

Boy oh boy! It's finally time to let the cat out of the bag (or the dog out of the pot, as it were)! I wrote a book and I'm self-publishing it this fall!! 

The book

Dogs Don't Eat Soup is the story of a little bulldog named Frankie, who lives in a world where humans aren't willing to share their soup with pups. She is desperate to try some and gets a little creative in order to get real soupy!

The history

I wrote this story around 10 years ago about our dog, Frank, who would beg for a taste of everything we ate. For years, the story has collected cyber dust, deep in the bellows of my hard drive. Last year, I came across the work of the amazing Josie Ta, whose illustrations popped out at me and reminded me of this quirky little story. We teamed up to create the book, and the rest is the future... 

The pre-sale

It turns out it's very hard to decide how many books to buy and I honestly have no idea if folks will even want to read a story about a dog who desperately wants to try soup. So, I've decided to do a little pre-sale ahead of ordering these puppies so I know just how many I need to buy. 

The books will be ready to ship in early December, just in time for the holidays!

The books are being printed locally in Altona, Manitoba by Friesens

The Author

Hi! I'm Jolene Olive! I was born in Winnipeg and currently live in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba with my hubby and two daughters. I love writing, designing and getting creative in all kinds of ways! I also love getting outside, goofing around with my gal pals, and making up silly songs, by which my family members are constantly annoyed. This is my first book and I'm really excited/nervous to share it with all of you!